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Gamification is changing the way corporations train!

All organizations aim to develop a workforce that helps them achieve their profitability and growth targets. One basic ingredient to build this agile workforce is intensive training that can actually change behavior. Sadly, classroom training methods are not performing up to expectations. Classroom training has not been able to create a noticeable impact on the learners. It is high time that corporations incorporate an alternate method like gamification in corporate training.

Web-based gamified learning is the best way forward. This mode of training has immense ability to improve the speed and quality of corporate training. Gamification provides engaging and effective learning experiences to corporate learners that actually demonstrate positive results. 

How does gamification impact corporate learning?

Game-based learning provides numerous benefits over traditional classroom or basic eLearning. It is a great way to motivate learners.

Learners benefit from gamified learning.

The learners learn in a fun way. As a result, they can retain more information and utilize new skills in real life applications in the workplace. The fun factor creates a higher level of engagement with the content in the course. This approach is really effective while familiarizing employees with company policies and compliance issues. Game-based support applications for Oracle, SAP and other companies are an integral part of most company-wide implementation programs.

Organizations benefit too.

 It is not only the learners who benefit from gamification; corporations benefit too. The better the employees learn, the better they perform. This results in enhanced growth and increased profits in the long term which is what all organizations aim to achieve.

A gamified environment lets the employee learn by doing.

It is not just about making a course “gamey”. The goal is not simply for employees to just have fun and play games. The idea is to ensure that employees are learning relevant skills in the form of fun and games. The learners gain knowledge through repetitive application and not by passively reading or watching something. This results in better retention of knowledge.

Employee collaboration is high with gamification.

Game based learning awards points, badges, and leaderboards. It provides a healthy competition between the employees. This aspect of gamified learning brings about employee collaboration. The players work towards gaining the highest accolades, as a team.

The corporate scene is changing.

Gartner believes that up to 40% of Global 1000 organizations will adopt gamification to transform business operations, in the near future. M2 Research projected the overall market for gamification tools and applications to be around $5.5 billion by 2018. Organizations have realized the benefits of gamification and its role in enhancing productivity, and are embracing it.


Gamified learning has taken over all the departments in the organization.

For a long time, only the sales function was considered worth gamifying. But now, other areas like leadership, safety, compliance, onboarding, and R&D have been exposed to gamified learning. This further enhances the belief that gamification is a tool that helps engage learners irrespective of the content or subject.

Bite-sized gaming with embedded learning is the trend.

Micro learning is the buzz in corporate learning. As a result, simple and short games are becoming increasingly popular as a training tool.

What should you do?

There is no way the gamification trend can be ignored with corporate learning. Here is what your organization can do.

  • Identify the core training issues through a needs analysis.

  • Understand what challenges need to be overcome.

  • Develop the training content.

  • Realize your employees need new methods of training to enhance learning.

  • Incentivize the learning for motivation.

  • Seek outside professional help to move your corporate training to a higher level.

Gamification is here to stay, and how. If you have not yet joined the bandwagon, make your move. Get in touch with us, now! 

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