Why Choose e-learning For Your Employees

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Why Choose elearning For Your Employees

With the increase of millennials joining the workforce, e-learning is on the rise. Expanding technology, along with people’s desire to learn at their own pace, is making e-learning training popular among corporations. Organizations have started realizing that traditional classroom learning methods are expensive and yield very little Return on Investment (ROI). They see online education as the most cost-effective and productive way of imparting training to their employees. Here are a few advantages of choosing e-learning over traditional modes of learning for your employees.

Available at the fingertips

E learning training  is available to the employees 24/7. They can access it anytime and from any place. This means that your employees are not confined to a physical venue or a single time zone. They can decide when they want to learn and from where. Whether they want to catch up on a course while waiting for a client meeting or while traveling to and from work, it is totally their choice. Another advantage is that they can learn at their own pace. If a learner feels they need more time to finish a topic, they can take as long as they want without inconveniencing or slowing down other participants. Similarly, fast learners can speed ahead of others without feeling guilty. 

Enhanced retention

E-learning enhances retention up to 60%. It is believed to cover five times the amount of material as classroom training in the same amount of time. A study done by Capterra showed that learners who learned through gamification scored 15% higher in skill-based knowledge and 9% higher in knowledge retention, when compared to learners learning through traditional methods. As an employer, you can use learning tools to match competencies with the learning goals attained by the employee.

Cost effective

Traditional learning methods incur a lot of cost on travel, venue, infrastructure, supplies, and trainers. Also, there is a hidden cost attached to participants being away from their job to attend the training. elearning, on the other hand, is cheaper and greener. Organizations do not have to invest money on venue or travel. They do not need physical papers or workbooks, which makes this initiative environment-friendly. Rather than paying a classroom trainer for each session, the company only needs to invest in the development of one e-learning course that can be distributed to countless employees. IBM believes that every $1 spent on e-learning brings about a productivity of $30. That is a huge benefit!

Better collaboration

E-learning training enables teams from different geographic locations to collaborate and resolve challenges in real-time. They can instantly connect to each other, as well as subject matter experts, with the help of e-learning tools. They can brainstorm on forums or connect to individual participants via a chat feature in the learning tool.

Bersin & Associates conducted a study that concluded that organizations with a strong e-learning culture are 46% more likely to emerge as a leader because they have:

37% greater employee productivity

34% better ability to respond to customer needs

26% superior capability to deliver high-quality products

58% more preparedness to meet future demand

At Designing Digitally, Inc., we ensure our customized e-learning training solutions are in sync with your organization’s goals. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all template in e-learning. 

Get in touch with us to develop e-learning courses centered on your unique learners.

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