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Benefits of Serious Games in Training


Posted on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 11:42

Games are fun. And, corporate training is often considered to be boring and time-consuming. By combining these two you get the magic potion that organizations are looking for - training sessions which are fun and are loved by their employees. In the past decade, a significant number of organizations have tried to implement serious game elements in their training modules. According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets, the worldwide serious game market is projected to maintain a high rate of growth through 2020.

But, if you still are undecided on how gamification can positively impact your regular training modules, then here are top five reasons that will help you make up your mind.

Serious game

#1: Serious games are addictive

Games are super addictive. It may not be considered to be a good thing in the context of gaming. But, if we utilize this trait in corporate training, then addiction is no longer a drawback! Your employees are so addicted to the game elements in their elearning, that they remain engaged in learning. They are wholly invested in the content, and thus they learn and retain better. You do not need to chase them to complete their training hours.

#2: Serious games leads to task mastery

Serious games in training involve multiple levels and objectives. It coaxes the learner to keep trying till they succeed. Employees master a task better in a gaming environment, as they learn while doing.

#3: Serious games mimic real world situations

Game development technology has come of age in the past few decades. Complex concepts which were hard to imagine just a few years back are now part of many serious games, helping the players develop a new skill or hone an existing one. Since your employees are learning the skill in a gaming environment, it is easier for them to apply it at their workplace. This turnaround time may not be possible with traditional training methods. Make sure that you design your game based on real world situations that your employees will identify with in the workplace.

#4: Serious games lead to collaboration

As much as companies want their employees to collaborate with each other, it is one of the most difficult habits to incorporate. But, serious games can do this for you. A large number of games require players to cooperate with other players in order to achieve their own objective. There has been evidence of such a behavior being replicated within the companies by its employees. You may be able to save money on outbound programs, when your employees can collaborate over a training module.


#5: Serious lead to innovation

Serious games and simulations are the only places where you can think of putting your employees in difficult situations, without endangering equipment or making serious business mistakes. Providing them with new challenges encourages them to think out-of-the-box and come up with innovative solutions.  This enhances creativity and innovation in the workplace.

At Designing Digitally, Inc., our experts create solutions mimicking your workplace environment. Your employees can learn without any risk and excel at their job. At the same time, you will encounter greater employee satisfaction and retention, higher productivity, and increased profits.

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