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Mobile training is becoming the most suitable method for training workers in the hospitality industry. With the advancement of technology, connecting with other people is now possible. There is a need for mobile training to help address the ever-changing hospitality industry. What faster way to keep up with the current trends and changes in the world than through mobile learning?

An important element of hospitality training is teaching workers how to treat clients from different cultures and backgrounds. With mobile learning, today's world has become a global village. The increased globalization necessitates the need to be familiar with different cultures and ways of life. Mobile learning solutions help with this need.

The hospitality industry reported a high turnover rate of 70% as of 2016. That means that employers need to provide continuous mobile hospitality training for workers. A mistake done by one employee could drastically affect the reputation of an entire company.

Why is Mobile Learning Necessary?

When you look at the scheduling hours for hospitality staff, it is hard to find time to learn new things and advance hospitality training. The conventional learning methods are therefore not useful in hospitality training. Mobile training in the hospitality industry is the solution that gives employees the opportunity to learn at their own convenient time.

The scope of work of many employees from the hospitality industry is broad. There is, therefore, a need for the staff to receive training in every area of work in hospitality. Using the conventional method of learning would be highly time-intensive to learn the wide scope of work in hospitality. The employees will need to take time out of work to pursue their learning.

Mobile learning solutions allow employees to learn while still doing their job. They can learn as many subjects and topics as they would like at their convenience. Mobile training is thus a flexible method of learning that does not interfere with regular working hours.

The resources required to learn using mobile learning solutions are fewer than those of other techniques. A mobile device such as a smartphone is all that one needs to access the learning resources. You can download a learning application or go to a specific website. The process takes less time as there is no need for traveling or incurring unnecessary costs. You can receive training in the comfort of your home. The applications for mobile training offer interactive lessons where you can ask questions and receive instant answers.

What are the areas you can get Hospitality Training?

1. New Policies and Regulations

Policies and regulations are a critical issue that every employee should strive to know. The employees can receive updates on the new regulations internally and also those from the hospitality industry. Complying with the new regulations helps a company avoid getting into legal issues.

2. Communication

The workers can learn to develop good communication skills with clients. They will learn about different cultures and how to treat clients from diverse backgrounds.

3. Food and Beverage Training

Various rules are governing the food and beverage industry. The exercises will help the employees to stay updated on the innovations happening in the industry. They will learn the newest trends to help keep the institution competitive in the market.

4. Code of Conduct

There is a code of conduct governing the hospitality field. Mobile training provides a solution on how the staff ought to conduct themselves with regards to behavior, grooming, and hygiene.

5. Front Office Work

Front office work has a significant impact on the performance of a hospitality institution. It gives the company an external image. Training in the front office work is critically important. It entails lessons on handling client’s documents, checks in, check out, making payments, and dealing with inquiries.

6. Customer Service

Customer service is an essential area of hospitality. It can help give a company a competitive advantage over the competitors. Training in customer service assists the employees to deal diligently with clients’ concerns and complaints.

Advanced Ways To Train And Engage Hospitality Workforce

1. Establishing a reward system

Employees only continue seeking learning opportunities when they receive recognition. A rewards system is a motivation tool for the employees. Establish a system of recognizing and rewarding improvement among workers. The rewards should be relevant to your workforce to make them want to learn more. The system will encourage a higher engagement rate and create a highly motivated workforce.

2. Encourage the use of mobile devices

Most of the employees working in the hospitality industry are quite young. It is likely that most of them prefer using their smartphones over a traditional textbook approach. The company can decide to provide staff with internet-enabled smartphones and devices to encourage them to learn. Providing mobile training devices will motivate employees to engage in mobile training in the hospitality industry. The employees will have no excuse for not performing well at work.

3. Timely use of the available data in addressing issues

The mobile hospitality training comes with accountability. One of the ways to ensure there is full accountability is to monitor employee performance. Create a feedback mechanism in the company to help track employee performance. Track their progress and point out any issues occurring before they escalate. The feedback mechanism will help improve performance and encourage employees to continue learning. Managers should use the data to help employees perform better and support them in the learning process.

Designing Digitally, Inc. develops custom mobile learning solutions that are designed to improve employee training for various industries, including hospitality.

If your team could benefit from a learning experience tailored to the specific needs of your company, live chat with our team or request a free quote today!

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