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  • Mobile Learning

    As an instructional designer, you need to plan ahead if you are designing mobile learning. More than likely, your employees all have different types of phones and tablets. This means their screen sizes, operating systems, features, and even user interfaces vary. You need to keep these differences in mind before you create mobile learning materials. It is not practical to design the same learning for different devices – for example, one version for the tablet, one for the smartphone, and one for laptops. The time, effort, and resources required for it are not worth it. So, if you are...

  • eLearning

    The majority of the modern workforce is stressed, overwhelmed, and distracted. They want to have control over everything they do. Why should learning not be on the list then? Your employees want to control what they learn, how they learn, and from where they learn. Taking their low attention spans into consideration, you need to design learner-centric training. In simple terms, the eLearning should not be lengthy and boring. Make the modules short and to the point.

    This is where...

  • Serious Games

    Several organizations are warming up to the idea of using gamification to train their employees. As per a research by MarketsandMarkets, the gamification sector is expected to reach the $11 billion mark by 2020. However, there are still a large number of organizations that are not sure of the benefits offered by gamifying their training needs. They are trapped in the maze of widespread myths about gamification.

    Let us debunk five of the top myths about gamification.

  • eLearning

    Corporations have more options than ever for the training of their employees. Some choose to stick with the more traditional classroom-type model, while others have gone totally digital.

    But it seems the best results are coming from an approach that blends the two together. The U.S. Department of Education conducted a study and the results were interesting. The assumption by many is that, in this digital age, education that is solely focused on...

  • Training Simulations

    Workplaces are becoming more complex with each passing day. There are new tools, databases, and applications constantly added to the system. Employees need to know how to efficiently use these resources, therefore training is critical. One effective way to reduce learning time and increase knowledge retention is to create learning simulations. These interactive experiences allow learners to try new skills in a risk-free environment.

    Let’s look at six benefits training simulations offer your organization...

  • Mobile Learning

    Mobile devices have changed our lives to a huge extent, from the way we work, shop, and communicate. In fact, mobile devices have revolutionized the way we learn. According to Cisco, the number of mobile devices already exceeded the human population by 2014. It is predicted that the US mobile learning market will grow from $7.98 billion in 2015 to $37.6 billion by 2020. Currently, approximately 47% of organizations in the US have included mobile learning in training solutions for their employees, and the number is...