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The Best Open Source LMS Options
Before we dive into the best LMS, or learning management system options, we must be able to answer, “what is an LMS?” An LMS is a software application or web-based technology used to deliver, record, measure, evaluate, and automate educational content, training programs, learning resources,...

Serious Games

Types of Gamification
Gamification in employee training has been a valuable part of workplace learning. Gamification is when you add gaming elements to a learning experience. It is not a learning game itself, but the training content is enhanced by features that would be commonly seen in video games. The benefits...

Training Simulations

Learning and Development KPIs
Over the last few decades, the importance of employee training has become exceedingly obvious. The factors influencing this movement are diverse and far-reaching: starting with the change in workforce predominance from Generation X to Millennials, to the changes in how people now learn,...

Mobile Learning

Mastering Gamification in Mobile Learning
The eLearning industry has seen a huge boom over the last decade. Companies of any size and individual users are accessing eLearning to continue their education and enable their growth. The eLearning community is vast and complex. It includes computer-based learning, mLearning, virtual reality...