Build a safer workforce with online learning.

Even though the construction industry continues to see impressive growth, it is no secret that the sector is facing a skills shortage in many countries around the world as they struggle to maintain qualified employees that allow businesses to expand to the full potential. Additionally, the construction industry continues to remain at the top of the list for most workplace accidents and deaths. This is highly due to the lack of training and preparation for being on the job. With eLearning, employees can learn important skills and processes in a way that is catered for the modern learner and personalized to provide a quality learning experience, that is retained for proper application on the job. 


If you are a construction company that is in need of an eLearning partner, we would love to assist you. We can help identify your training needs and learning objectives, and explore the best training method that would be most effective for your learners. From traditional eLearning to VR simulations, we can come up with the perfect way to meet your learning and development goals and grow your business. 


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These custom web-based solutions incorporate various innovative technologies and utilize the best instructional design practices. This results in desired behavior changes for your learners and increases engagement throughout the training experience. Each custom eLearning development is designed to the specific needs of your organization to ensure individual initiatives are met.

Mobile Learning

These convenient "on-the-go" solutions offer learners the ability to obtain valuable content both when and where they need it. Custom mlearning solutions provide access for quick reference through mobile-friendly versions of our eLearning, Serious Games, and Training Simulations, as well as custom designed apps for Android and iOS Stores. Mobile learning ensures your employees are able to access content whenever it may be needed and increases the overall confidence knowing your organization can be represented properly while out on the job.

Serious Games

These immersive solutions utilize game-based technologies, designed for both single and multiplayer functionality, and integrate entertainment into applicable scenario-based activities that allow for successful transfer of knowledge. Custom Serious Games provide your learners the ability to have fun while training which increases the overall interest and results in higher retention.

Training Simulations

These interactive solutions embrace experiential learning techniques and empower employees to practice skills in a virtual and risk-free environment until mastery. Simulated training activities and scenarios allow users to "learn by doing" which eliminates the threat of any potential damages for both the employee and organization. These cost-effective solutions provide your learners with accelerated learning paths, immediate feedback, consistent messages, and eradicate any additional expenses for your organization that are often seen with classroom training.

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