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Resource Management Augmented Reality Training Games For Kiewit Corporation

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Resources Managment Training Serious Game

Training Method

The Client

An industry-leading construction company, seeking to enhance resource allocation and management skills among its project managers, partnered with Designing Digitally for a transformative learning solution. Faced with the challenge of improving resource allocation proficiency, especially during quarterly training seminars, the company envisioned an engaging and practical training approach.

Take a look at how we leveraged AR and gamification to educate employees. 

Sneak Peak

The Challenge

Our client recognized a crucial challenge within its project management team – the struggle to allocate resources to various projects effectively. Project managers found it challenging to make optimal decisions, leading to inefficiencies. The primary requirement was a training solution that could be seamlessly integrated into quarterly seminars without relying on computer access.

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The solution

Designing Digitally collaborated closely with the construction company to devise an innovative and accessible solution. After thorough discussions, the decision was made to develop a phone-based augmented reality game. Leveraging AR technology, the game aimed to enhance resource allocation skills by allowing project managers to virtually assign equipment, employees, raw materials, and time to concurrent projects.

To play the game, learners needed only two items: a smartphone with the game app and printed playing cards. Learners physically distributed resource cards on the table, pointing their phone’s camera onto the cards. The AR app then transformed the cards into interactive 3D animations, simulating the allocation process. The game tracked scoring and timing, providing a comprehensive learning experience.


The introduction of the AR game proved to be a monumental success during the quarterly training seminar. Training facilitators lauded the tangible nature of the game, emphasizing its ability to foster collaboration beyond what a traditional computer-based game could achieve. In the post-training evaluation, most project managers expressed that the Augmented Reality mobile game was memorable and highly beneficial to their learning.

The construction corporation plans to integrate the Augmented Reality mobile game into future training sessions, recognizing its effectiveness in improving resource allocation skills. The anticipated outcome includes increasing the number of projects completed on or ahead of schedule and showcasing the tangible impact of Designing Digitally’s custom Augmented Reality mobile application learning solution on business performance and project management efficiency.



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