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The Benefits of Game-Based Learning in the Workplace

As training directors overseeing large companies and government agencies, you constantly seek innovative methods to enhance employee learning experiences. Consider this experiment: divide a pilot audience into two groups, maintaining the same learning objective but altering the delivery method. Provide one group with a traditional training manual and present the same topic to the other group in a game-based format, such as serious games or eLearning games. The results will likely reveal a significant improvement in understanding among those who engage with game-based learning.

The delivery method of training plays a pivotal role in its success. Games offer a promising solution with their inherent ability to captivate and motivate learners. While often associated with entertainment, games have long been utilized to teach skills and theories, proving effective across age groups and contexts.

But do games work for corporate learners, too? Absolutely. Let’s explore why game-based learning has become increasingly popular in the corporate training landscape.

Games Improve Learner Engagement

In an era of distractions, engaging learners requires more than traditional methods can offer. Game-based learning emerges as a solution, enticing learners with interactive and enjoyable experiences. Games maintain learner engagement by leveraging logical and cognitive abilities while fostering competition and collaboration. With eLearning games facilitating “practice by doing,” users retain up to 75% of what they learn, translating to improved performance in the workplace.

Games Provide a Safe Environment

Gaining hands-on experience carries inherent risks for employees in critical roles. Game-based learning offers a safe virtual environment for practice, free from real-world consequences. Learners can make decisions and navigate scenarios without fear of life or property damage, enabling them to learn from mistakes and iterate until mastery is achieved.

Games Encourage Multiple Skills

Serious games are grounded in educational theories, offering immersive environments for skill development. By simulating realistic scenarios, learners enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills, with benefits extending beyond professional realms to personal growth. The accessibility of eLearning games on various devices enables flexible learning opportunities, empowering employees to engage with training at their convenience.

Games are Entertaining

Balancing stimulation and playability, games appeal to individuals of all backgrounds and ages. Games inspire learners to push their limits and acquire new skills by fostering healthy competition and exploration. Learning seamlessly integrates with entertainment in a game-based environment, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for participants.

Games Create an Emotional Connection

Well-designed games evoke emotional responses, immersing learners in compelling narratives and characters. As participants navigate challenges alongside protagonists, they develop a vested interest in the outcome, enhancing retention and engagement throughout the learning process.

Great for Microlearning

In an age of short attention spans, microlearning games offer a solution. Bite-sized games deliver essential training content in three to five-minute sessions, ensuring information retention without overwhelming learners. From teaching complex concepts to reinforcing key points, microlearning games prove invaluable in maximizing training effectiveness.

At Designing Digitally, we specialize in developing custom eLearning games tailored to large organizations and government agencies’ unique needs. Our team collaborates with training directors to design immersive, impactful learning experiences that drive employee engagement and performance. Contact us today to explore how game-based learning can transform your training initiatives and empower your workforce for success.

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Our partnership starts with in-depth consulting, which helps identify all the necessary project requirements to design a learning solution that positively impacts your business. We cover all essential elements upfront to create training that will grow your workforce and make employees feel their success is valued.

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We design and develop your custom employee learning experience tailored around your analysis results, learner objectives, and company goals. We communicate with you at all production stages to ensure a collaborative partnership and successful outcome.

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Post-launch, we provide your team with ongoing analytical and measurement data, allowing us to monitor your training’s effectiveness proactively. his ensures that your solutions continuously provide performance-enhancing learning and improve your business’s overall success.

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