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Our custom eLearning developments are tailored to the individual needs of your organization and learners. These solutions utilize the latest instructional design techniques and innovative technologies to increase user engagement and produce positive changes in behavior for your learners.

Mobile Learning

Our custom mLearning modules are designed for quick reference in the field through mobile-friendly versions of our eLearning, Serious Games, Training Simulations, and custom developed apps for Android and iOS stores. These convenient solutions provide your learners the opportunity to learn-on-the-go and access valuable content when and where they need it, and increase confidence in your company knowing it can be properly represented while on the go.

Serious Games

Our custom Serious Games incorporate entertainment into applicable scenario-based exercises that effectively achieve knowledge transfer for your learners. These immersive solutions can be designed for both single and multiplayer functionality and utilize game-based technologies to create engaging learning experiences with high retention of knowledge.

Training Simulations

Our custom training simulations empower your workforce to practice in virtual and risk-free environments, allowing the audience to ‘learn by doing’ without any potential damages to the employee or organization. Scenarios and activities help learners solve problems and practice detailed processes until mastered. These innovative solutions offer your employees accelerated learning paths, consistent messages, and immediate feedback, while eliminating the expenses associated with costly instructor led training for your organization.

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