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Designing Digitally - A blank white square image devoid of any text or graphics, resembling the clear focus required in Trauma Nurse Training Simulations. Designing Digitally -

Product Services Training Games for Spectrum

Designing Digitally - A blank white square image devoid of any text or graphics, resembling the clear focus required in Trauma Nurse Training Simulations. Designing Digitally -

Training Course

Product Services Training Games

Training Delivery

Serious Games

The Client

Spectrum is the trade name of Charter Communications, which is widely used by market consumers and commercial cable television channels, internet, telephone, and wireless service providers.

training Sneak Peak

The Challenge

Spectrum faced a formidable challenge as their competitors, AT&T Uverse and Verizon FiOS, surged ahead with new technologies. To maintain a competitive edge, Spectrum associates involved in cable and internet services must comprehensively understand these rival offerings. Effective communication of Spectrum’s superior products and services to customers hinged on this crucial knowledge.

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The solution

Designing Digitally developed a solution transcending traditional training methods. Recognizing the need for immersive and engaging learning experiences, we crafted two serious business games centered around an “eye spy” theme. Through these interactive experiences, users embark on a thrilling journey alongside a Spectrum secret detective who has meticulously researched and tracked the competition.

These severe games serve as more than just tutorials; they are dynamic platforms that highlight the critical features of AT&T Uverse and Verizon FiOS while simultaneously showcasing the unparalleled advantages of Spectrum’s offerings. Users are not mere spectators; they actively engage with the content, absorbing information about Spectrum’s competitive advantages and unique value propositions. By immersing themselves in this web-based interactive tutorial and assessment, associates were provided with the knowledge and skills to effectively articulate Spectrum’s value proposition to customers.

Implementing these innovative, serious business games is pivotal in Spectrum’s quest to outmaneuver competitors. By transforming training into an engaging and immersive experience, Designing Digitally has empowered associates with the tools and insights needed to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and proficiency.

The interactive nature of the games fosters a more profound understanding and retention of critical concepts, ensuring that associates are well-equipped to effectively communicate the advantages of Spectrum’s products. As a result, Spectrum stands poised to solidify its position as a leader in the cable and internet services industry, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow with ingenuity and resolve.

A digital avatar stands in front of a futuristic doorway with a starry background, promoting the HP Plinius serious game for technical training by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
Designing Digitally - A person stands in front of a screen in a pose for calibration in the Air Marshalling Training Serious Game by Designing Digitally. The screen displays instructions and the game logo, exemplifying how training games for workplace training enhance skills effectively. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - Digital illustration of an F22 jet flying low over a mountainous terrain, with "U.S. Air Force Academy F22 Virtual Reality Simulator" text and a "Learn More" button at the bottom Designing Digitally -
Infographic depicting the various areas covered in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' political awareness online training, including gifts, hospitality, travel, and more.
Online training program based on NFPA standards.
Fast food employee featured in a customer service training advertisement for Checkers and Rally's Drive-Thru Drama.
An auto-drafted poster of a military officer.
Designing Digitally - Screenshot of Checkers & Rally's "Sandwich Master Simulations Vendor simulated serious game" interface featuring a clean, organized kitchen setup with digital screens and a prominent logo. Designing Digitally -
Majestic Steel Logo Card
Designing Digitally - Professional woman presenting a lean six sigma eLearning course on a webpage, featuring the United States courts logo and a cityscape background. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - Promotional image for a virtual reality lineman training eLearning platform, featuring a close-up of a VR headset against a utility pole backdrop, with a "learn more" button. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - Screen capture of a webpage for Toyota's online training program on hazardous materials, featuring an animated graphic of a barrel on a hand truck in a warehouse. Designing Digitally -
DriveVT Logo Card
Designing Digitally - Promotional graphic for eLearning vendor's data protection impact analysis training program, featuring text and a partial view of a person using a tablet. Designing Digitally -
Corporate compliance training session with an attentive group and a smiling presenter at Wyndham Destinations.
A user interface displaying a dashboard for a custom learning management system with menu options such as home, courses, and resources, and featuring a progress graph at 21%.
Designing Digitally - A digital learning interface for "one gas culture and resources training" featuring a quiz question about electricity and gas efficiency, and a logo at the bottom provided by an eLearning Vendor. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - Promotional graphic for eLearning vendor featuring a man in a vest at a warehouse, with text about AI safety inspection using voice recognition. Designing Digitally -
Rutgers Metaverse Simulation for Living Independent Students.
Employee at a Checkers fast-food drive-thru window interacting with a customer during the Drive-Thru Challenge Game.
Quality program assessment simulation.
Community transit first year onboarding training program focused on _(Auto Draft)_ strategies.



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