The challenge

Terminix Service Managers are provided 90-day onboarding training when they start their role, previously delivered through a series of Instructor Led-Training and on-the-job shadowing. While these methods can be effective, Terminix could not track and measure the quality of training each Service Manager received. They needed to ensure each employee was receiving the same standard of training.

Designing Digitally, Inc. (DDINC) worked with Terminix to create a series of eLearning courses, allowing all leadership members to receive the same training. 

The Solution

The course "Hiring, Interviewing & Talent Pools" is 1 of 4 courses in Terminix's series of eLearning courses for Service Manager's onboarding training. In the course, learners are taught the four-step interview process.

The course turns the learner into the hiring manager with a stack of job candidates. First, the learner will review ten resumes and rate them on a scale of 1-3, with 1's eliminated for consideration and 2's and 3's moving along to the next step. The learner receives brief feedback as they select each rating.

Now the learner has a smaller stack of resumes and has a day of back-to-back interviews with the candidates whose resumes scored 2 and 3. Provided is a rubric, the STAR, that explains how to score an interview before selecting their first interviewee. 

When the learner selects someone to interview, they can review their resume, the Terminix values, and the Job Interview Guide Questions before beginning the branching conversation interview. Once they enter the conversation with the candidate, they will choose their questions and be in charge of how the conversation goes. They will track whether each component of the STAR components is met before completing the interview. The learner receives feedback based on the decisions they make throughout the conversation.

Once the interview is complete, they will rate the conversation and select the next candidate to interview. Once all candidates have been interviewed, they will hire the candidate they feel is most qualified. The learner will receive feedback based on the choice of candidate they made. 

The course has provided Service Managers with an opportunity to practice their hiring decision skills and interviewing techniques and define interview results into comparable figures. It has resulted in higher quality hires and a lower turnover rate for the company.

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Talent Management Training Creating Quality Talent Pools
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Talent Management Training Creating Quality Talent Pools
Talent Management Training

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