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A red and white logo with a cross in the middle, representing the harmony of Public School Employees during onboarding.

Onboarding Training Program for Harmony Public School Administration

A red and white logo with a cross in the middle, representing the harmony of Public School Employees during onboarding.


Online Employee Onboarding Training Program

Training Method


The Client

Harmony Public Schools is a system of 62 Texas public charter schools that provides rigorous, high-quality education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Sneak Peak

The Challenge

Harmony Public Schools, a leading educational institution committed to excellence in public education, recognized the challenges newly hired teachers face in navigating their first-year experience within the public school system. To address these challenges and provide comprehensive support, Harmony Public Schools collaborated with Designing Digitally, a prominent e-learning solutions provider, to develop a robust train-the-trainer program. This case study delves into the process and outcomes of this collaborative effort.

The demanding teaching profession requires content knowledge, practical classroom management skills, lesson planning expertise, and familiarity with organizational culture and expectations. The initial phase of their career journey can be overwhelming for newly hired teachers as they navigate resources, policies, procedures, and student interactions while meeting additional work expectations such as grading and time commitments. Recognizing the need for structured onboarding and orientation, Harmony Public Schools sought to develop a curriculum that would empower teachers to excel in their roles from day one.

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The solution

Harmony Public Schools enlisted the expertise of Designing Digitally to craft a comprehensive training program tailored to the needs of newly hired teachers. The solution involved the development of a classroom 101 training program, encompassing essential topics such as classroom management, content knowledge, lesson planning, instructional strategies, and organizational frameworks. These training components were developed into bite-sized, web-based modules accessible through a mobile-focused learning management system.

The training program encompasses a range of key features designed to empower newly hired teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the classroom. One fundamental aspect is the emphasis on defining classroom management, providing teachers with strategies to cultivate a conducive learning environment and effectively manage student behavior. Additionally, the program prioritizes the development of content knowledge, ensuring that teachers possess a deep understanding of the subjects they teach, thereby enhancing the quality of instruction. Guidance on lesson planning is also central to the curriculum, offering teachers support in structuring lessons that align with curriculum standards and cater to diverse learning needs.

Instructional playbooks that equip teachers with practical resources and tools to facilitate engaging and effective teaching practices were included. The program also introduces teachers to established frameworks and indicators for assessing classroom management effectiveness, fostering well-managed classrooms conducive to learning. Establishing consistent routines and long-term strategies is another critical component in promoting a positive classroom culture and academic success. Additionally, the curriculum includes guidance on streamlining administrative tasks and navigating procedural requirements, enabling teachers to focus more on teaching. Lastly, clear expectations and benchmarks for teacher performance and student outcomes are set, providing a framework for success and accountability within the classroom.

The curriculum was delivered as self-paced training modules, allowing teachers to progress through the material at their convenience. By leveraging digital platforms, Harmony Public Schools ensured accessibility and flexibility, accommodating their teaching staff’s diverse needs and schedules. The training program facilitated a seamless onboarding process, equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their roles.

Harmony Public Schools’ partnership with Designing Digitally exemplifies the importance of tailored training solutions in supporting educators’ professional growth and development. By investing in comprehensive onboarding and orientation programs, educational institutions can empower teachers to thrive in their roles and, ultimately, enhance student learning outcomes.




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