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Instrutor Led Training Workshop Development

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Instrutor Led Training Workshop Development for Kasier Permente

Training Delivery

Instructor Workshop

The Client

Kaiser Permanente is an American integrated managed care consortium, based in Oakland, California.

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The Challenge

At Designing Digitally, we had the privilege of partnering with Kaiser Permanente to develop a comprehensive instructor-led training workshop. This initiative aimed to enhance the capabilities of Kaiser Permanente’s employees and facilitators in building, nurturing, and growing partnerships within the pharmaceutical industry and with their union partners. Recognizing the critical role that union partnerships play in their operations and employee relations, Kaiser Permanente identified a need for specialized training to ensure their teams were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. The complexity of navigating union dynamics and fostering a cooperative environment required a tailored approach, and we were tasked with creating a solution to meet these challenges.

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The solution

We developed a workshop that focused on two primary areas: training employees on organizing union partnerships and equipping facilitators with the skills to enhance these partnerships. For the employees, the training covered the importance of union partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry, techniques for organizing and maintaining effective partnerships, and best practices for communication and collaboration with union representatives. For the facilitators, the focus was on strategies for improving existing union relationships, methodologies to build new partnerships, and tools for nurturing and growing these relationships over time.

The workshop was structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Participants were introduced to union partnerships, including the roles and significance of unions within Kaiser Permanente and the history and evolution of these partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry. Building effective partnerships was a core component, with sessions on communication skills, conflict resolution, and case studies highlighting successful union partnerships within the industry. The workshop also addressed improving existing partnerships through techniques for assessing partnership health, resolving challenges, and developing improvement plans. Long-term strategies for sustaining and growing partnerships were also covered, providing participants with practical tools and resources for continuous development. Role-playing scenarios allowed them to practice these nurturing techniques, ensuring they were well-prepared for real-world situations.

Specific training sessions were designed for facilitators to lead partnership improvement initiatives. These sessions included advanced partnership management skills, facilitator-led workshops, and feedback and coaching sessions to refine their techniques. The implementation of this workshop resulted in a significant and positive improvement in Kaiser Permanente’s ability to manage and enhance union partnerships. Participants reported a greater understanding of the importance of these relationships and felt more equipped to handle the complexities involved. The collaborative exercises and practical tools provided during the workshop empowered Kaiser Permanente’s teams to foster stronger, more effective partnerships with their union partners, reassuring the success of the initiative.

Our collaboration with Kaiser Permanente on this project has been a significant step forward in strengthening their union partnerships. By investing in the development of their employees and facilitators, Kaiser Permanente demonstrated their commitment to fostering a collaborative and productive working environment that benefits both the company and its union partners.



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