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Logo of CNH Industrial, a global leader in the capital goods sector, committed to emissions standards.

Certification Emissions Training Program FOR CNH Industrial

Logo of CNH Industrial, a global leader in the capital goods sector, committed to emissions standards.


CNH Industrial

Training Course

Certification Emissions Training Program

Training Delivery


The Client

CNH Industrial, a global leader in manufacturing agricultural and industrial equipment, faces the challenge of adhering to stringent emissions standards for engine production set by regulatory agencies. 

Given the global impact of emissions violations, CNH recognized the need for comprehensive training for all employees to understand and prevent potential infractions. Take a look the case study to learn how Designing Digitally created an innovative solution to meet their new demands. 

training Sneak Peak

The Challenge

To ensure compliance with emissions regulations, CNH approached us with the task of creating an eLearning module. The challenge was presenting complex information in a way that resonated with employees across various job roles, not just engineers familiar with emissions standards and engine design.

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The solution

Designing Digitally addressed the challenge by developing an engaging eLearning module with multiple interactions. The content was structured around the lifecycle of an engine, providing a familiar framework for learners. Additionally, color-coded graphs were incorporated to identify job roles involved in each phase, enabling employees to easily access relevant information. To emphasize the importance of compliance, real-life case studies of competing companies violating emissions standards were presented as breaking news stories within the module.


The results of the eLearning module were profound. Employees gained a deep understanding of how emissions regulations relate to the entire engine lifecycle, fostering a sense of responsibility. The module effectively conveyed the potential consequences of non-compliance, showcasing its success in educating CNH’s workforce. Recognizing the module’s significance, CNH collaborated further with Designing Digitally to translate the content into multiple languages, extending its reach to support the international workforce. This initiative marks a pivotal step towards ensuring global adherence to emissions standards within CNH Industrial.

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