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Empathy Civility Culture Training Simulations For NewYork Presbyterian Hospitals

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Culture Training Program to Improve HCAP Patient Scores

Training Method


The Client

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, based in New York City, is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive hospitals on the east coast of the United States.

Sneak Peak

The Challenge

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals is one of the premier healthcare institutions committed to delivering exceptional patient care. Seeking continuous improvement in patient interactions, NYP collaborated with Designing Digitally to develop a comprehensive simulation focusing on patient-centered care.

Designing Digitally identified the need to address various aspects of patient care, including effective communication, privacy, and empathy across different hospital scenarios. Designing Digitally was tasked with creating an engaging and educational scenario based simulation experience for hospital staff to enhance their skills in patient interactions.

Play Video about A person using an iPad to read a magazine as part of their empathy training program.

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The solution

In collaboration with NYP stakeholders, Designing Digitally identified specific training objectives, including addressing barriers, implementing correct inpatient behaviors, and ensuring a smooth transition to post-hospital care.

Designing Digitally meticulously crafted scenarios and interactive content based on real-world challenges hospital staff face. The content covered diverse situations, such as effective communication, managing patient comfort, and service recovery.

The training simulations employed scenario-based situations, allowing hospital staff to navigate different situations they might encounter. Each scenario required thoughtful decision-making to foster empathy and patient-centered care.

Designing Digitally integrated best practices into the scenarios, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, privacy protection, and empathy in patient interactions. The content aimed to instill a patient-centric mindset among hospital staff.

To provide a dynamic learning experience, Designing Digitally developed an interactive map interface representing various hospital settings. Learners could explore patient rooms, operating rooms, and other areas, engaging in scenario-driven interactions.

The training’s focus on patient-centered care contributed to improved patient satisfaction scores. Hospital staff demonstrated a heightened awareness of individual patient needs, leading to more personalized and satisfactory care experiences.

The post-assessment, drawing from a pool of scenario questions, ensured that learners comprehensively understood the principles of patient-centered care. Continuous assessments provided valuable insights into areas of improvement.

The collaborative effort between NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals and Designing Digitally resulted in a tailored training simulation that elevated patient-centered care. The training empowered hospital staff to navigate complexities with empathy and skill by integrating real-world scenarios and best practices.



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