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Engaging Elearning Training Videos

According to recent research, 75% of employees stated they would prefer their training to be delivered through videos in comparison to traditional methods. In addition, pairing visuals with text has been proven to improve knowledge retention by 80%, when only 20% of content is retained through reading alone. Considering the other proven benefits of this training approach like higher ROI, consistency of learning, reduced training costs, plus many others, it only makes sense to include videos in your employee training strategies.

Designing Digitally offers a variety of training video styles that are customized to your specific needs, delivering information in an engaging and entertaining way that will keep your learners hooked. View our video, Jack and Jill Go Up the Corporate Hill, to see how videos can effectively deliver a message and be a great tool for employee training.

Our team is ready to help you design the perfect training videos for your employees. Whether you need a stand-alone video, an entire set, or a combination of videos and other training types, Designing Digitally is here to help you. Complete the form below to be contacted by our Learning Solutions Specialists and discover the options best for your company.  


Training Videos

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