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Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games
Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games Infographic

Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games

Before diving into building a Serious Game it is a good idea to take a step back and review the best practices of doing so. In this infographic we go through the best practices of instructional design in Serious Games.




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Effective design doesn’t draw attention to itself. It subtly enhances the learning experience without distracting the learner. On the other hand, poor design sticks out like a sore thumb.  There are many advantages to custom elearning experiences, but even the best ideas won’t be effective if...

Serious Games

Learning Games
The amount of elearning blogs that are active today is telling. The verdict is in: People want to be engaged and possibly even have fun while they’re learning. Traditional training simply doesn’t cut it for learners who have been raised in an increasingly digital society. Obviously, corporations...

Training Simulations

eLearning Training
All types of game-based learning, simulation, and gamification are commonly put under the umbrella of “gamification.” Actually, to do so isn’t accurate as they have their own distinct qualities and components.  A more accurate term, coined by Jane McGonigal, may be “gameful design,” which is...

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Strategies
Gartner predicts that by 2017, almost 70% of the mobile workforce will use tablets and other mobile devices to access information. Learning designers  need to focus on mobile learning solutions, if they want the mobile sales force to benefit from their training.  Mobile learning...