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What You Should Know About Outsourcing Your Online Learning Needs
What You Should Know About Outsourcing Your Online Learning Needs Infographic

What You Should Know About Outsourcing Your Online Learning Needs

Finding the right online learning vendor for your company’s specific training needs can be challenging for anyone, especially if you don’t know what items to look for. This infographic shares insight that will help you better prepare for outsourcing your training needs, as well as identify specific situations when online learning solutions should be utilized. Additionally, you will learn what data you need to obtain from your potential vendors during your research phase. This will allow you to be confident your chosen partner holds the expertise needed to deliver the training solutions best fit for the learners at your organization.

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employee training
Decision makers have hundreds of items on their to-do lists every week. Add to that list a couple of employee training program proposals, and it might be too much to handle. But one thing is clear: a successful business caters to the growth of its employees. Thus, leadership support for training...

Serious Games

Gamification Of Learning
Research by Talent LMS shows that almost 80% of university learners feel that they will be more productive if their institution work was more like video games. More than 60% of them liked leaderboards, and 89% liked point systems. Another neuroscience research by David Rock shows that in order for...

Training Simulations

Simulated Training For Employees
The highest percentage of today’s workforce is comprised of the millennial generation. Some people consider them lazy and unmotivated, always waiting to be served up with finished goods rather than working for success themselves.However, these are unfounded assumptions, as many millennials are...

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Apps
Technology has changed the way people learn. The world is increasingly becoming mobile. By 2019, the total number of mobile phone users all over the world is predicted to pass the 5 billion mark. Mobile devices are not just fancy gadgets anymore. They are a necessity. Thus, having a robust mobile...