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Why Convert From Instructor Led Training To eLearning

Why Convert From Instructor Led Training To eLearning

Many corporate training managers have been working with Instructor Led training for many years with the core of their subject matter being held and passed along by several or many individuals in a format that has slowly become problematic for them. The question that eLearning developers hear often is what is the difference? Why should I look at converting or changing my current training?

The answer has several reasons, starting with cost. For many organizations, the financial expense to train their employees in-house or by a professional trainer can add up fast, with only limited effectiveness. They want behavior change and retention of the content. This infographic will show the cost differences in converting that training over to engaging, interactive eLearning that provides a return on investment that can outweigh traditional training.

Another key and forgotten reason to transition your instructor led training to eLearning is the many missed hours and opportunities that your employees cannot provide to you if they are using hours of time inside a classroom. This infographic will provide the ways that not only can you get back those lost moments and needed man hours but ways to improve your organization with moving forward to better training! Fill out the form with your details to get a copy of this infographic.

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