The challenge

According to the NHTSA, over six million car accidents occur per year within the United States, with 6% of all accidents resulting in one death or more. After learning this, Designing Digitally recognized an opportunity to try and showcase ways to improve driver’s education all over the country, and how it would be possible to reduce these alarming numbers. We wanted to challenge ourselves to create a concept that would allow learners to have the ability to educate themselves on critical skills and knowledge that is needed to drive safely, all through their mobile device of choice. In addition, we wanted to include game-based microlearning and have the ability to offer real-time solutions to problems that may be faced while learning.

The Solution

Designing Digitally came up with the concept for an app called BMV Buddy which would offer driver’s education anytime, anywhere. Within the app, learners would have the ability to explore various aspects of driving, at their own pace and with the freedom to navigate to topics of their choice. 

We incorporated game-based microlearning through the Gaming Garage, which houses multiple minigames to practice and test learners on certain subjects, such as traffic laws, road signs, identification requirements, etc., without overwhelming them with too much information.

By incorporating a fun and innovative practice driver’s exam, new or experienced drivers can see how well they would do on state tests and certifications, before going to take the real exam in person. This instills confidence in learners and eliminates the need for retesting, mastering the required skills ahead of time. 

When a learner is stuck on something and needs assistance, they would be able to access downloadable resources or chat on-demand with a live representative to get the answers they need immediately. 

The BMV Buddy not only would prepare drivers for success, but also allow them quick access to pertinent information such as BMV locations, wait times, hours, and could even let them schedule state tests when they are ready. With the BMV Buddy app, learners can prepare for being behind the wheel without any risks and be better prepared for safety on the road. 

If your agency or company could benefit from an app like this, and you would benefit from on-demand learning, contact our team to learn more. 

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