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Chop and drop logo with a rustic design featuring a cleaver, a log, and electrical line workers training simulations.

VIrtual RealIty Training SImulatIon for ElectrIcal LIne Workers

Chop and drop logo with a rustic design featuring a cleaver, a log, and electrical line workers training simulations.

Training Course

Chop and Drop VR Simulation

Training Delivery

Virtual Reality Serious Games

The Client

In a strategic partnership with an undisclosed electrical company, Designing Digitally took on a journey to revolutionize training for their workforce. The client faced challenges in safely training electrical line workers on tree clearing, grappling with incidents of falling timbers, property damage, and electrical line disruptions. 

Seeking an innovative solution, they approached Designing Digitally to develop a practical and engaging training experience for their learners. Take a look at the VR solution we developed, “Chop and Drop”, to solve the L&D challenges being faced. 

Sneak Peak

The Challenge

The organization had traditionally used Instructor-Led Training (ILT) for teaching tree-cutting techniques to electrical line workers. The challenge was to create a practical, hands-on approach that addressed safety concerns, reduced incidents, and enhanced the skill sets of electrical line workers in clearing trees around power lines.

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The solution

Designing Digitally, Inc. conducted a comprehensive analysis and proposed an immersive 3D learning solution titled “Chop and Drop.” This virtual reality (VR) experience allowed learners to practice tree cutting in a safe and enjoyable environment. The 3D virtual environment, built around game mechanics, replicated real-life scenarios. The interactive game provided a fun yet educational platform for electrical line workers to enhance their skills without risking property damage or safety hazards.

The immersive learning game presented branching situations and scenarios, ensuring an engaging, educational, and entertaining experience. Designing Digitally, Inc. incorporated VR technology using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other major VR hardware systems. To maximize hands-on training, the system was implemented at the client’s headquarters during the ILT portion of on-the-job learning. The 3D gaming engine delivered a fully immersive experience with 3D spatial sound, haptic feedback, and VR headset integration, setting it apart from previous training methods.

The Impact

“Chop and Drop” successfully replicated past incidents and challenging situations, offering learners a practical experience to refine their skills. The tier-based training approach, assessing learners through tutorials and adapting scenarios based on their decisions, proved effective in addressing real-world challenges without the risk of property damage or worse. The implementation of VR technology not only enhanced the learning experience but also positioned the client’s training department at the forefront of innovative hands-on training in the electrical line worker industry. The impact resonated in reduced incidents, improved safety practices, and elevated skill sets among electrical line workers, showcasing the success of this cutting-edge training solution.

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