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Culture of Civility and Respect Training Program for Comcast

Training Course

Culture of Civility and Respect Training

Training Delivery

Training Simulations

The Client

Comcast provides services to U.S. residential and commercial customers in 40 states and the District of Columbia.

training Sneak Peak

The Challenge

Numerous supervisory figures across diverse global landscapes encounter a common problem: balancing assertiveness and empathy, delivering constructive feedback without veering into rudeness or disrespect. Many enterprises grapple with this challenge, employing varied approaches, some fruitful, others not. Establishing clear guidelines and boundaries early on through comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Training is imperative for fostering a positive work environment.
To rectify managerial missteps, elucidate unacceptable behaviors, and foster improvements, a discreet client engaged Designing Digitally, Inc. The objective was clear: to confront the issue directly and realign with the fundamental philosophies of the organization by furnishing supervisors with on-the-job training, thereby bolstering morale in problematic areas.

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The solution

Designing Digitally, Inc. devised a pioneering interactive e-learning solution encompassing many pertinent topics tailored for supervisory managers. The program aimed to immerse learners in an experiential journey, unveiling the ripple effects of their actions within the organizational fabric. Opting for an “undercover boss” approach, the solution provided learners with an outsider’s perspective on workplace dynamics.

Adhering to the company’s learning management system (LMS) standards necessitated the use of video gaming engine technology in development. After submitting a proposal, the Designing Digitally, Inc. team meticulously evaluated platforms and solutions to meet this requirement, recognizing the absence of a viable.

Beyond LMS requisites, two pivotal considerations loomed large. Previous training efforts had faltered, underscoring the inadequacy of mere visual aids, and the course’s target audience encompassed all supervisory echelons within the organization, demanding intuitive usability and efficient completion times.

Designing Digitally developed elaborate storyboards featuring diverse scenarios, characters, and settings were meticulously crafted. Within the training framework, managers assumed an undercover guise, transitioning from their routine tasks to experience firsthand the treatment their subordinates and upper management meted out. By confronting the consequences of their actions and charting a path toward rectification, learners gained invaluable insights into workplace culture.



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