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Cyber Security Assessment Training Games To Evaluate Risks and Vulnerabilities

Logo of designing digitally, featuring a stylized cog, augmented reality training games text.


Cyber Security Assessment Serious Game

Training Method

Serious Games

The Client

Embarking on a mission to revolutionize cyber security awareness, Designing Digitally created an engaging serious game assessment identifying the level of cyber risks within companies.

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The Challenge

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, cyber threats loom large, making cyber security a paramount concern for every internet user. At Designing Digitally, we recognized the pressing need to instill a heightened sense of awareness among employees about the risks associated with cyber hacks. The challenge was daunting – conventional training often fell on deaf ears as employees believed they were impervious to falling prey to cyber threats.

Play Video about An employee engaged in cyber security assessment training games on their laptop.

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The solution

Designing Digitally took a bold step by creating an immersive and impactful serious game that thrusts learners into real-world scenarios. In this game, participants navigate a series of tasks on a fictitious computer, such as checking in for a flight, while being bombarded with chat messages, emails, and video calls. Amid the chaos, some items contain viruses or phishing scams, challenging learners to identify and avoid them quickly. The game culminates in revealing the tangible consequences of falling victim to cyber security attacks.

To complement the game, our team leveraged fast-paced animated explainer videos outlining common types of cyber security attacks. These videos serve as an additional resource for learners, reinforcing their understanding of potential threats after engaging in the immersive training experience.


The results were eye-opening. Most learners, initially confident in their cyber savvy, were fooled by at least one cyber security attack during their first game play. This experiential learning approach shattered the myth of being “too smart” to succumb to online dangers. The entertaining serious game acted as a powerful reality check, prompting employees to adopt a more cautious approach towards cyber security.

Furthermore, learner feedback highlighted the effectiveness of the explainer videos as quick and painless ways to grasp the nuances of various cyber security attack categories. Designing Digitally’s cyber security training engaged employees and empowered them with practical insights, fostering a culture of heightened vigilance against potential online threats.

In the realm of cyber security education, Designing Digitally’s approach transcends traditional training methods, providing organizations with a robust solution to fortify their workforce against the ever-present risks of the digital world.



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