The challenge

National Compliance Management Services (NCMS) provides compliance training for various industries online and face to face. Their flagship course is a two-hour training on Drug & Alcohol Awareness, which employees are required by federal law to take on an annual basis. NCMS needed to revamp its existing course to have a modern, visually appealing theme. They wanted to add meaningful interactions to their outdated course and divide the long training into small, manageable pieces. NCMS requested for the course to have a responsive design so learners can easily view it on tablets and smartphones while they are working in the field. The final output would be deployed on their custom Learning Tracking System, which Designing Digitally, Inc. simultaneously created.

The Solution

Designing Digitally, Inc. redesigned the entire structure of the old course. The new version contains a multitude of microlearning modules, so learners can complete the course in short segments as their work schedule allows. The interface has a sleek, elegant design that draws the learner’s focus to the bold, relevant imagery within the course.

Interactions allow the learner to practice applying the knowledge they are learning. For instance, in one interaction, they review personnel files to determine which employees they should approach about substance abuse. Immediate feedback informs the learners if their decision was appropriate or not, and why. In a different interaction, learners choose what to say when approaching an employee about substance abuse. The employee’s character responds positively or negatively, depending on what the learner said. 

Designing Digitally, Inc. chose to build the new courses to be mobile-focused. Instead of scaling down the modules for smartphones, which would make it difficult for learners to view, our programmers created the ability to adjust the layout and appearance of content on the mobile version of the course. This ensured an optimal experience for all learners, regardless of their device.

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