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A man is biking uphill.

Management Onboarding Performance Readiness for Wyndham Hotels

A man is biking uphill.


Management Onboarding Performance Readiness

Training Method

Serious Games

The Client

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. is an American hotel company based in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States. It is considered as the largest hotel franchisor in the world.

Sneak Peak

The Challenge

To run a profitable hotel, Owners and General Managers of Wyndham properties must maintain high brand standards and properly utilize franchise resources. Wyndham’s training department realizes the volume of information can be overwhelming for new owners and managers.

They partnered with Designing Digitally, Inc. to create an inviting training course overviewing the requirements and available tools. In the Needs Analysis process, Designing Digitally, Inc. learned the audience has varying degrees of exposure to the hospitality industry and the Wyndham brand. We suggested designing the training so new owners and managers could omit or pass by the content they already know.

Play Video about A person holding an ipad with a map on it, facilitating onboarding in hospitality.

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The solution

Following an extensive evaluation process, Wyndham decided to entrust Designing Digitally, Inc. with developing a cutting-edge custom online training program with innovative eLearning and web features. This groundbreaking solution revolutionizes the learning experience, seamlessly blending traditional training elements with intuitive website navigation. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Designing Digitally, Inc. implemented SCORM reporting capabilities, empowering Wyndham to monitor learner progress and engagement effortlessly through their sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS).

At the heart of this transformative platform lies a captivating homepage resembling an animated town map, offering learners an immersive journey through the training modules. Each section of the map represents a distinct module, with dynamic visuals symbolizing learner advancement, exemplified by the flourishing growth of a virtual hotel—an emblem of their contributions towards revitalizing the town’s energy.

Learners are transported into richly immersive scenes within the immersive training environment, interacting with dynamic games and scenarios, triggering engaging learning activities. By mastering content through dynamic Trivia Rounds, learners unlock coveted enhancements for their virtual property, ranging from luxurious lobby upgrades to picturesque poolside additions.

Upon completing the comprehensive curriculum, learners are rewarded with badges, rewards, and a transformed hotel bustling with activity; an impressive testament to their mastery of the training content.

The detailed scenes provide a lifelike backdrop for learning and lend themselves to a sense of wonder and excitement, elevating the training experience to new heights. This innovative approach ensures unparalleled engagement and retention while underscoring Wyndham’s commitment to excellence and innovation within the hospitality industry.



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