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Designing Digitally - Silver Toyota logo with a stylized oval-shaped design, prominently featuring interlocking circles on a plain background, used by an Online Training Vendor. Designing Digitally -

Hazardous Materials Training Online Program for Toyota

Designing Digitally - Silver Toyota logo with a stylized oval-shaped design, prominently featuring interlocking circles on a plain background, used by an Online Training Vendor. Designing Digitally -


Hazardous Materials Training Online Program

Training Method


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The Client

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. is located in Plano, Texas. With over six thousand employees at this location.

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The Challenge

Safety is paramount in the high-stakes world of working with and shipping hazardous materials. Toyota understood the criticality of training its employees in proper handling and shipping procedures to avoid costly and potentially dangerous mistakes. The challenge was extending this crucial training to a broader audience without sending trainers nationwide multiple times a year. Additionally, Toyota sought a solution that would be easily accessible as a reference tool for employees anytime.

Toyota needed a comprehensive training program that covered all aspects of handling hazardous materials. They required an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable way to reach a large workforce across different locations. The client sought a reliable solution that met compliance requirements and empowered employees to make informed decisions regarding hazardous materials.

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The solution

In Collaboration with Toyota and Designing Digitally a  customized online training program was engineered. This program focused on environmental hazards and procedures to address Toyota’s needs comprehensively. The program was designed as an online experience accessible to employees nationwide at Toyota’s manufacturing facilities, eliminating the need for extensive on-site training sessions.

The training was divided into a 90-day segments, incorporating mentoring sessions, webinars, eLearning modules, simulations, and mobile application collaboration tools. This ensured a systematic and practical learning experience holistically. The program contained branching scenarios that allowed employees to access role-specific information, ensuring relevance and applicability. All scenarios were relevant to maintain engagement and maximize the training program’s lifespan, keeping the content fresh and relevant.

The training program was optimized for delivery online but also on mobile devices, enabling employees to access critical information on the go and enhancing learning flexibility. 

The entire process, including analysis, design, development, and implementation, was expertly handled by Designing Digitally, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful training solution.



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