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Living with a Dog in a Shared Community Training Simulations

Training Course

Living with a Dog in a Shared Community Training Simulations

Training Delivery

Training Simulations

The Client

A privately owned non-profit organization from California focused on public education for dog owners.

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The Challenge

Pet ownership regulations vary widely in shared residential communities, encompassing everything from grooming standards to breed restrictions to pest control mandates. Recognizing the crucial link between pet health and community well-being, it became imperative to devise an engaging and informative educational solution to promote responsible pet ownership within these settings.

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The solution

Through an exhaustive Research and Analysis phase, Designing Digitally, Inc. discerned that a comprehensive eLearning approach leveraging cutting-edge 3D assets would be most effective in addressing the diverse needs of pet owners in shared communities. Leveraging their expertise in eLearning development and advanced 3D technologies, Designing Digitally, Inc. harnessed HTML5 capabilities to ensure seamless accessibility across a broad spectrum of devices, from personal computers to mobile devices.

The resulting solution, the “Living with a Dog in a Shared Community” learning module, immerses learners in dynamic scenarios, interactive assessments, and external resources tailored to their specific community regulations. By simulating real-life scenarios and incorporating customizable documents, such as community-specific guidelines, the module delivers a highly personalized and engaging learning experience.

Furthermore, implementing a multiplex menu system offers learners flexibility in accessing information through immersive scenario-based learning or direct access to learning materials and quizzes. Deployed within the client’s Learning Management System (LMS), the pilot program showcased the efficacy and potential of the solution, garnering significant interest from potential investors for future development and distribution.

The successful pilot of the “Living with a Dog in a Shared Community” module has laid the foundation for further expansion into serious games and virtual worlds. Building upon the positive feedback and demonstrated impact, the client is poised to elevate the educational experience by enabling learners to navigate fully immersive 3D environments, fostering unprecedented interactivity and engagement.

This transformative solution addresses the immediate need for pet ownership education in shared communities and sets a new standard for interactive learning experiences. By embracing innovation and leveraging advanced technologies, Designing Digitally, Inc. and its partners are at the forefront of reshaping how pet owners engage with educational content, ultimately fostering safer, healthier, and more harmonious shared living environments.



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