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Air Marshaller Training Serious Game


The challenge:

Designing Digitally, Inc. was looking for a creative way to integrate the Microsoft Kinect into learning to show potential clients what the possibilities are with the device. Designing Digitally, Inc. decided to teach end users aircraft marshalling signals utilizing the Kinect. Rather than just present the information to the learners, we wanted a solution that was immersive as well as fun and would teach the learner what signals are needed to direct the pilot that is handling the plane.

The Solution:

After a detailed research and analysis phase Designing Digitally, Inc. determined the best solution was to create a serious game that is fun, yet educational. This innovative serious game would teach learners how to do the signals and then put them into a competitive experience where they are to maneuver the airplane through an obstacle course that has hazards along the way. The learner is timed and tracked to see how well they did compared to their peers.

The Results:

This serious game allows potential clients to see the possibilities of what can be done for training and how this is a fun and positive learning experience for the end user. Overall it has been an eye opener for trainers throughout the world and the demo version is being used by Designing Digitally, Inc. at conferences to show the effectiveness of serious games and simulations in the workforce.

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Air Marshall - Start Screen
Air Marshall - Camera Positioning
Air Marshall - Instructions
Air Marshall - Avoid Cones
Air Marshall - Avoid Loose Barrels
Air Marshall - Making Right Turn
Air Marshall - Making left Turn
Air Marshall - Game Complete Screen