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A man is pedaling a bike uphill as part of an Occupational Therapy Simulation.

Virtual Occupation Therapy Training Simulations
using Motion tracking

A man is pedaling a bike uphill as part of an Occupational Therapy Simulation.


Motion Tracking Serious Games for Occupational Therapy and Mobility Rehabilitation

Training Method

The Client

Barron Associates provides innovative solutions to critical challenges in the health care, defense, and aerospace sectors. 

Sneak Peak

The Challenge

Barron Associates, Inc. was awarded a prestigious grant from the National Institute of Health, signaling a significant advancement in occupational therapy technology. This grant underscores a substantial commitment to innovative research to transform rehabilitation methodologies for stroke survivors. The primary objective of this initiative is to develop a state-of-the-art motion-tracking gaming system tailored to facilitate the reacquisition of everyday activities while meticulously monitoring limb movement.

Barron Associates and Designing Digitally, Inc. are at the helm of this pioneering endeavor, serving as principal contractors entrusted with realizing this transformative vision. Supported by the National Institute of Health Small Business Innovation Research Grant, these esteemed organizations have embarked on a collaborative journey to propel the field of occupational therapy into the digital age.

Play Video about A man engaging in Occupational Therapy Simulations, using a laptop to interact with a virtual reality image of a house.

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The solution

The formidable challenge is the engineering of an Occupational Therapy Simulation seamlessly integrating cutting-edge motion-tracking technology utilizing the Microsoft Kinect. Barron Associates assumes leadership in conceptualization and execution, encompassing the formulation of clinical objectives, development of Kinect-based motion-tracking software, and meticulous logging of motor skill and cognitive performance metrics.

Designing Digitally, Inc. leverages its expertise to craft tailored motion simulations, employing immersive user experiences to enhance engagement and efficacy during occupational therapy sessions.

These collaborative efforts culminate in the creation of VOTA™—a groundbreaking, serious game meticulously engineered to address the unique challenges stroke survivors encounter. Rooted in the principle of task-directed therapy, VOTA™ offers a dynamic 3D scenario system empowering patients to simulate everyday tasks with their arms, fostering functional independence and cognitive rehabilitation.

Underpinning the efficacy of VOTA™ is a sophisticated motion-tracking software that captures and analyzes detailed arm movements during gameplay. These data points generate comprehensive metrics, including sub-task completion time, speed normalization, mean arrest period ratio, and range of motion, facilitating assessment and optimization of motor skills and cognitive performance. This innovative approach heralds a new era of precision rehabilitation practices, poised to enhance outcomes for stroke survivors significantly.



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