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Precision Machinery Training Simulations for Majestic Steel


Majestic Steel

Training Course

RBI & SLITTER Machinery Training Simulations

Training Delivery

Training Simulation

The Client

Majestic Steel specializes in Cold Rolled, Galvanized, Aluminized, Galvalume, Galvannealed, Bonderized, and Pre-paint steels with a variety of processing and buying options.

training Sneak Peak

The Challenge

Majestic Steel, a prominent player in the steel industry based in Cleveland, Ohio, faced a significant challenge in training new hires to operate machinery safely at their steel cutting facility. With safety being paramount due to the inherent risks associated with handling sharp cut steel, traditional on-the-floor training methods were deemed inadequate. The company sought a safer and more effective alternative to train employees on their SLITTER and RBI cutting machines, which are pivotal for cutting steel to precise lengths and thicknesses.

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The solution

In response to Majestic Steel’s need, Designing Digitally, an experienced simulation vendor, was commissioned to develop custom 3D simulations tailored to the SLITTER and RBI machines. The objective was clear: to provide a comprehensive training solution that would familiarize new hires with the machinery and its operation in a safe virtual environment. Each simulation was meticulously crafted to encompass various scenarios and processes encountered on the cutting floor, ranging from unrolling coils to packaging the finished products for shipment.

Utilizing cutting-edge gaming engine technology, Designing Digitally created immersive simulations that replicated real-world conditions with remarkable fidelity. These simulations were seamlessly integrated into the company’s Learning Management System (LMS), enabling easy access for employees and facilitating efficient training administration. Moreover, learning analytics functionality was incorporated into the simulations, allowing Majestic Steel to track user interactions and performance metrics in granular detail. This data-driven approach empowered the company to identify areas where additional training or support was needed for new hires, thereby optimizing the learning experience and ensuring competency in machine operation.

The collaboration between Designing Digitally and Majestic Steel proved to be highly successful, with both parties working closely to achieve the desired outcomes. As a result of the innovative simulations developed by Designing Digitally, Majestic Steel was able to address its training needs effectively while prioritizing employee safety. Looking ahead, the partnership between the two entities remains strong, with a commitment to ongoing collaboration and the development of future simulations to meet evolving training requirements.



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