The challenge

With the vast amount of technology-influenced students entering the Universities, the State of Ohio recognized there is a need to deliver more online courses to allow for convenience and flexibility. The Universities in Ohio realized that the there was not enough man power or time to allow for facilitation time to teach the professors and instructors on how to effectively teach online. Designing Digitally, Inc. was tasked with organizing the facilitation of technology challenged instructors, development of clear expectations and appropriate online course policies for instructors, and provide enticing lessons learned from instructors throughout the State of Ohio.

The Solution

Designing Digitally Inc. created an innovative web-based training module focused on “training the trainers.” This module was created using the latest browser-friendly technologies and incorporated instructional designed chapters that covered what is needed by a facilitator to effectively teach an online course for the first time. This web-based training module explained Copyright & Intellectual Property, Facilitation, Pedagogy & Standards, The Role of the Online Instructor, and Evaluation & Assessment in an online environment. This module was developed in conjunction with the Ohio Board of Regents and professors throughout the State of Ohio. Professors that have had both successes and failures at teaching online where interviewed and those interviews were implemented into the module as progressive streaming videos. Each topic described above was thoroughly discussed in detail in each lesson of the module and was supplemented with PDF charts and training aids for instructors to use in their upcoming online courses. This initiative was built around the philosophy that learning does not have to be in a physical classroom and can be facilitated by an instructor effectively using online tools such as a learning management system and other technological breakthroughs in education.

Axolotl Web-Based Training - The Summary Tab Screen
Axolotl Web-Based Training - The Summary Tab Screen
Axolotl Web-Based Training - The Summary Tab Screen
So You Wanna Teach Online? - Questions for Inquiry Screen
So You Wanna Teach Online? - Guidelines for Effective Assessment Screen

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