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Designing Digitally - Red silhouette of an ornate key with a floral-patterned bow and a toothed blade, suitable as a logo for an eLearning vendor, displayed against a transparent background. Designing Digitally -

Financial Service Knowledge Training Program For Keybank

Designing Digitally - Red silhouette of an ornate key with a floral-patterned bow and a toothed blade, suitable as a logo for an eLearning vendor, displayed against a transparent background. Designing Digitally -


Gamified Elearning Solution

Training Method

Online Training Program

The Client

KeyBank is an American regional bank headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. It is one of the top 25th largest banks in the United States.

Sneak Peak

The Challenge

KeyBank, a prominent bank-based financial services company, faced the challenge of effectively educating its employees on the extensive range of financial offerings across multiple Lines of Business (LOBs). The diverse needs of their clients across various categories required seamless collaboration between LOBs, aiming to provide a streamlined banking experience. However, the existing onboarding PDF failed to engage employees and convey the information meaningfully.

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The solution

KeyBank partnered with Designing Digitally to create an interactive training program delivered online. The goal was to provide employees with a comprehensive understanding of KeyBank’s financial offerings and foster effective collaboration between LOBs. To ensure engagement and knowledge retention, gamified elements and multiple interaction types were strategically integrated into the course.

The course was structured into six primary modules, each following a logical, story-based sequence. The learners embarked on a journey alongside a fictitious client named Elizabeth, who initially approached KeyBank for personal banking services. As Elizabeth’s financial needs grew, the story unfolded, highlighting the collaborative efforts of KeyBank employees from different LOBs to provide the services Elizabeth required to achieve her goals.

Designing Digitally leveraged gamification techniques throughout the program, infusing the learners with interactive elements and knowledge checks. By incorporating various interaction types, such as quizzes, simulations, and decision-making scenarios, the course ensured active participation and a heightened learning experience. Learners were engaged in the story, encouraged to apply their knowledge, and provided immediate feedback on their progress.

The implementation of the gamified training program proved to be a resounding success. Employees now possess a comprehensive understanding of KeyBank’s structure and services, empowering them to offer clients a holistic and streamlined banking experience. By following Elizabeth’s story and witnessing the collaborative efforts of KeyBank’s teams, learners are inspired to emulate the same level of collaboration and customer-centric approach in their work.

The power of storytelling in the course has left a lasting impact on employees. Whenever they encounter a financial need of their clients, they recall Elizabeth’s journey and the KeyBank team that played a pivotal role in helping her achieve her goals. This emotional connection motivates employees to go above and beyond in meeting their client’s needs, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Designing Digitally’s gamified training program has transformed learning at KeyBank, revolutionizing how employees acquire knowledge and fostering a culture of collaboration. By making complex financial information engaging and relatable, KeyBank has equipped its workforce with the tools and insights necessary to excel in providing comprehensive financial solutions to its diverse clientele.



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