The challenge

The challenge for Time Warner was pretty clear - their competition was releasing new technology and they needed their staff to have a full understanding of what was being offered and how to gain leverage over them. The two major competitive services were AT&T Uverse and Verizon fios. Time Warner needed all of their associates involved in cable and Internet service to have a full understanding of these services in order to communicate the advantages of Time Warner’s products effectively to customers.

The Solution

Designing Digitally created two separate serious business games themed around an “eye spy” experience. The user follows a Time Warner secret detective who has researched and followed the competition and is reporting back to the user. Both serious games highlight the key features that the services have to offer and provide information about what Time Warner can offer to customers that is equal to or better than that service. The lessons also give the user information on the benefits that Time Warner has that the competition cannot or does not offer. Through this web based interactive tutorial and assessment, the user is not just sitting back and watching but are actually involved and engaged in the learning experience.

Eye Spy - Start Screen
Eye Spy - First Question
Eye Spy - First Question Wrong Answer
Eye Spy - First Question Right Answer
Eye Spy - Burnt Toast
Eye Spy - AT&T Voice Service
Eye Spy - HDTV Launch
Eye Spy - Fiber Optics
Eye Spy - Time Warner is Local
Eye Spy - Over 200 Channels

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