Custom eLearning Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions


You asked, and we answered! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, and our responses, in hopes of offering you more clarity about Designing Digitally’s services, capabilities, and the processes we utilize.

Can you create courses that work on iPads and mobile devices?

Yes, we can design training for all kinds of devices! We can make games and modules that scale across computers, tablets, and phones. Our development team just needs to know your delivery platforms up front so they can design an optimal experience for your audience.

How long does it take to build a successful Learning Project?

Our project timelines depend on many factors including the production level, type of project, style of art assets, and content readiness tier. We can provide an estimated timeline in the Discover phase. Your Project Manager will create a detailed timeline after we complete the Needs Analysis Consulting, then present it for your approval.

Can I send you our logo and brand guidelines?

Please do! We will create your custom learning project to align with your company branding. Our talented team of designers will go above and beyond your expectations with theme ideas and design aesthetics.

Can you give my old course a facelift?

Yes, we have tons of experience breathing new life into old courses. We can create engaging learning experiences from existing instructor-led training and eLearning modules. Our Instructional Designers love finding innovative ways to adapt training content to meet your current training needs.

Can we incorporate voice narration?

Absolutely! We hire professional voice actors to fit the style of your learning experience. We hold auditions where narrators read a segment of the script for your project. We narrow down the applicants and present the best ones to you. Your team makes the final decision! We manage and oversee all recording, scripting, revisions, etc.

Who provides the visuals for my course?

We will provide all the visuals needed in the course. If you have any suggestions or specific images, just let us know. Or, if you’re interested in custom 3D artwork, please tell your Learning Solutions Specialist. We quote video production separately due to variables such as actors, locations, etc.

Will you write the scripts?

Yes, our Instructional Designers will write the storyboard, which serves as the final script for your training. First, they will create an outline of the learning content in a Curriculum Map. After you provide feedback on that, the Instructional Designers write a detailed storyboard. Your team has time to review and approve the storyboard before we begin development. In other words, you get to supervise while we do the heavy lifting!

What development tools do you use?

Our team is fluent with all major eLearning platforms such as Articulate Storyline, Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire, Adapt Framework, Adobe Animate, Unity, and many more. We also develop custom mobile apps and HTML5/Web based applications using modern programming languages. During the Determine phase, we work with you to decide which technologies work best for your systems and audience.

Do you have a Warranty Period?

We have a 90-day warranty period to ensure your project is flawless. We thoroughly test each project before delivering it to our clients. But, if your team finds any defects, failures, bugs, or glitches during the warranty period, we will work quickly to resolve them.

Can I update the project later?

We propose a Support & Sustainment Agreement for all our projects. It includes a specific number of hours per month for our team to dedicate towards technical support, updates, or changes to the learning experience. This is the perfect way for you to keep your project current as your business evolves, rules and regulations change, and training content fluctuates.

Do we get the raw files?

Yes! You will receive the raw files at no additional charge at the end of the 90-day warranty period. Please let us know at the beginning of the project if you’d like the raw files. We do not, however, train your team on how to use the software or programming language utilized in the project.

What is your company's instructional design philosophy?

Bloom’s revised taxonomy is our guiding principle to help promote a solid progression of learning. Learning plans begin with an understanding of the intended audience and their relationship to the educational topic. In conjunction with the SMEs, we create easy to communicate objectives that are both specific and measurable.

What types of evaluation and measurement strategies has your company included in your solutions?

We use scoring, achievement, and reward systems that are relatable to real-world settings. We’ll determine the best approach for your project based on the style and content. Options include knowledge checks, graded assessments, branching scenarios, and realistic simulations. We can report learners’ scores and progress to your LMS or set up a custom Learning Tracking System (LTS).