The challenge

Road Systems, Inc. (RSI) offers several products to the DOT of all 50 states and internationally that focus on safety, ease of use, and lower costs.  Before this project, RSI provided online training for their MSKT product line, giving their target audience of contractors and inspectors the knowledge to properly install, inspect, and maintain the MSKT terminals. There was a need to build on the MSKT training’s success by providing follow-up training that emphasizes the benefits and differences of the MFLEAT product for the same target audience. RSI wanted learners to engage with the information and understand the similarities and differences of the MFLEAT parts and effectiveness, giving the company the ability to adequately provide this product to the DOT in each state while reducing confusion and increasing proper installation.

The Solution

In collaboration with RSI, Designing Digitally, Inc. (DDINC) developed an online product training program to teach guardrail installers and inspectors about the MFLEAT guardrail terminal. Built into the training is the Adapt authoring tool compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. The custom online product training is packed with over 60 interactions and videos, including a fully 3D interactive model where the learner can rotate, zoom, pan, and expand the 3D version of the terminal. The detail provided in this interaction allows the learner to examine every part of the terminal down to the bolts. A narrated video guides learners through installing the terminal with precise information for each part’s locations and measurements. Implemented were videos of crash testing provided by the client. Other interaction types included a 3D build-it interaction where learners must place items in the correct location and order, hot spot interactions, click-for-more, accordions, before and after, and more. Finally, the training ends with an interactive quiz in that learners receive a certificate of completion upon passing. 

This learning solution was awarded a 2020 Silver Horizon Interactive Award in the Training/eLearning category. 

Product Training Horizon Award Silver Winner
Product Training MFLEAT Training Course
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Product Training Solution
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