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U.S. ARMY Environmental Liability eLearning Training

U.S. ARMY Environmental Liability eLearning Training

The challenge:

The U.S. Army Environmental Command was in need of a module covering environmental liabilities as previous methods of training were found to be inadequate. This new module would need to provide consistent training while remaining cost-effective. Because the training would be used to provide employees with their annual certification, it was important to include any and all resources that would help aid comprehension. The training would also need to be imported in the U.S. Army Environmental Command’s already existing Learning Management System (LMS).

The Solution:

To meet the U.S. Army Environmental Command’s needs, Designing Digitally, Inc. created a custom, Flash-based, eLearning module that provides employees with all of the information they need for their training, along with other downloadable resources vital for review. The eLearning training guides learners through narration and on-screen visual cues, while reinforcing important information with knowledge checks throughout the lessons. After learners complete the module, they are given a certificate of completion, certifying them for another year.

The U.S. ARMY Environmental Liabilities Training has a streamlined and user-friendly design that focuses learners on the subject matter. With a simplistic design, Designing Digitally, Inc. was able to develop the learning module in a timely and cost-effective manner while still integrating it into the client’s LMS.


The Results:

The U.S. Army Environmental Command was able to successfully implement the Environmental Liability Training to over 100,000 military personnel. For the past three years Environmental Liability personnel have been able to complete the course on an annual basis by all employees, and use it as a reference to access information and documentation as needed.