The challenge

In order to run a profitable hotel, Owners and General Managers of Wyndham properties must maintain high brand standards and properly utilize franchise resources. Wyndham’s training department realizes the volume of information can be overwhelming for new owners and managers. They partnered with Designing Digitally, Inc. to create an inviting training course that provides an overview of the requirements and available tools.


In the Needs Analysis process, Designing Digitally, Inc. learned the audience has varying degrees of exposure to the hospitality industry and the Wyndham brand. We suggested designing the training so new owners and managers could omit, or pass by, the content they already know.

The Solution

After discussing multiple concepts, Wyndham elected for Designing Digitally, Inc. to develop a custom website containing traditional eLearning elements. This unique structure allows learners to navigate directly to topics like they are exploring a website, and yet provides familiar activities such as knowledge checks and narrated videos. Designing Digitally, Inc. programmed the website with SCORM reporting so Wyndham could host it and track learners’ completion inside their Learning Management System (LMS).

The homepage of the website is a town map. Clicking on a section of the map opens the corresponding training module. The sections animate and the hotel grows as the learner completes modules, indicating their success is boosting energy throughout the town. 

Inside each module, learners move through the scene and click on game cards to launch individual activities. They can unlock enhancements to their fictional property by correctly answering knowledge checks, called Trivia Rounds. The enhancements relate to the scene in which the module takes place, such as new flooring in the hotel lobby and lounge chairs by the pool. After the learner completes the entire course, their hotel has expanded and is brimming with guests.   

The illustrated scenes create a realistic hotel setting to which learners can relate. But at the same time, they set a whimsical, lighthearted tone and leave enough imagination to be applicable to any hotel in the Wyndham brand portfolio. 

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Management Onboarding eLearning Performance Readiness
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