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Interactive Online Compliance Training Program For CareSource

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The Client

CareSource, a prominent healthcare program spanning 20 states, operates in a highly regulated industry where annual compliance training is a crucial component to meet standards set by regulating agencies such as Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance companies. 

CareSource recognized the need to transform their compliance training into a more engaging and meaningful experience for their learners. Designing Digitally, Inc. was brought on board to revamp their existing training with an innovative and interactive scenario-based approach. Take a look at the custom eLearning solution we created and how it improved training results. 

Training Sneak Peak

The Challenge

In the complex landscape of healthcare, compliance training is a mandatory annual ritual for all CareSource employees. However, the challenge lay in making this training enjoyable and meaningful. The goal was to enhance learner engagement and understanding of compliance standards. CareSource entrusted Designing Digitally, Inc. to infuse creativity into their training modules.

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The solution

Designing Digitally responded with an immersive, scenario-based eLearning course crafted in Storyline. The course takes learners on a journey through a multi-level office building serving as the interactive course menu. Each level unlocks progressively as learners explore interactive elements and complete activities on each floor.

Learners engage in realistic scenarios with employees on various levels. By choosing an employee, learners initiate conversations related to compliance, presented with response options—such as follow-up questions and advice—that drive the scenario forward. For instance, an employee seeks advice on sharing CareSource information outside the company.

Employing branching scenarios, the training empowers learners to make decisions and witness the consequences, offering a risk-free environment for learning from mistakes. Incorrect responses prompt the appearance of a virtual trainer with guidance, requiring learners to retry the scenario until success.

Upon completing scenarios on each floor, learners unlock the next level, progressing upward through the building. The ultimate goal is reaching the Compliance Office on the top floor, with a total of fifteen scenarios aligning with CareSource’s compliance policies.



CareSource has expressed immense satisfaction with the revamped compliance training. The course introduces an entertaining approach to presenting compliance information, significantly improving knowledge retention and policy implementation compared to previous training methods. CareSource actively collaborated with Designing Digitally, Inc. in scripting realistic scenarios, involving sixteen employees as narrators to enhance authenticity in the virtual trainer and scenarios.

Experience the success of CareSource’s transformed compliance training—where engaging scenarios and interactive learning converge to create a more effective and enjoyable training experience. Get in touch with our team to discuss training and development like this for your workplace.



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