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Download our white papers to learn more about industry trends, terminology, approaches, and best practices. These free resources will also share Designing Digitally, Inc.’s perspective in the constantly-evolving field of learning and development. If you have any questions or would like to schedule time to speak with one of our Learning Solution Specialists about your training goals, contact us today!

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Training Simulations Create Success for Corporate Education

Technological innovation has changed the face of adult education. Not just in one or two areas, but in all aspects of training --  you’ll find Training Simulations making an impact in nearly every field. The benefits of preparing employees with simulation training are numerous. Not only do simulation training methods improve retention and problem-solving skills, but they immerse the learners...get your free copy

Corporate Trainer Guide To Mobile Learning Implementation

Mobile Learning (mLearning) is the future... and the future is now! With nearly 300 million mobile subscriptions in the United States alone, learners expect to have access to content anytime and anyplace throughout their day. What is the best approach to create content that will engage and entertain learners on the mobile device of their choice? How can you enhance your content to make it bite...get your free copy

Serious Game Secrets by Designing Digitally

Serious Game Secrets - What, Where, How, Who Cares?

Serious games are games that are designed with the intention of improving some specific characteristic of learning. They are used in areas of military training, corporate education, health care, and can be made applicable to almost every field. Some forms of serious games are now available at the entry level of elementary education. Serious games are different from their casual counterparts as...get your free copy

Why Should Your Organization Convert To Online Training

There are many reasons why so many organizations have made the transition from traditional training towards online training programs. But how do you know what questions need to be asked during the process? This white paper outlines the most important questions employers need to ask when making the change. Why and how will your organization benefit from online learning? Download the white paper...get your free copy

Gamification Reference Guide

Gamification - The Learning Manager Reference Guide

Although the primary objective of Gamification isn’t for learners to just have fun, it is used to help change the behavior of a learner by making the learning experience fun. Gamification can be applied in a wide variety of settings that include eLearning, employee training, and website conversion. This whitepaper discusses how gamification can be used effectively in your workplace. 

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Corporate Training Using 3D Serious Games and 3D White Paper

Corporate Training Using 3D Serious Games and 3D Training Simulations

Training has always been an essential aspect of successful business operations, but it has become increasingly clear that training philosophies and standards have not adequately evolved over time. Fortunately, serious games and training simulations have emerged to aid in educating a rapidly evolving workforce. Check out this white paper for more info!

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Why eLearning Works White Paper

Why eLearning Works

From college students to company employees, people around the world are increasingly embracing eLearning. In fact, a report in 2014 released by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA) projects that the global eLearning industry will top $230 billion by 2020. Download the white paper to learn more about eLearning in business.

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