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We improve the overall training goals of every organization by assisting in the evaluation of content and determining the most effective way to deliver the needed information. During those evaluations, and also at the completion of these custom learning experiences, we have outcomes that may or may not be able to be shared with the general public.

We are a strong believer that sharing is caring within our industry, therefore, the team has designed and developed multiple infographics to illustrate our research from the industry and our own training experiences. We believe these to be best practices throughout the industry and hope they provide assistance in determining the most effective training methods for your organization, regardless of who you select as a development partner. If you would like to discuss any of these topics in detail, please contact us today!

What does it take to build successful eLearning

What does it take to build successful eLearning

Building successful eLearning is more than just taking your training online. What does it take in time, energy, and staffing to make an effective learning experience that will provide you with a positive return on your investment? All of these factors are important considerations and need to be determined to properly identify the best approach for your eLearning development. This infographic breaks down this information and provides you with bite size chunks of data regarding each level of learning and production output. It also provides you with the needed information for successful resource allocation to particular staff members to ensure that each eLearning experience is going to...

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