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Axolotl Web-Based Training

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The challenge:

Axolotl Corporation is a leader in Health Information Exchange Solutions. Axolotl’s software is used to connect hospitals, physicians, and their medical training partners with patient data tracking, data mining for both doctors and hospitals to access, the ability to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies, as well as to send invoices to the appropriate insurance companies. In order to train new users on the software, Axolotl was sending employees to their client location for hands on training. In order to reduce travel and minimize costs, the company wanted a way to train clients on the software system without being at their location.

The Solution:

It was determined that web-based software simulation training would be the best solution. The first step was to have our instructional designers learn the software inside and out and then set up systematic instruction based on learning outcomes. After extensive instructional design, interactive flash-based learning modules were developed, consisting of an interactive mimic of the software along with audio commentary and closed captioning to explain what to do within the system. Each module included an interactive tutorial, as well as an assessment module which ensured users had gained the knowledge given in that specific tutorial. The final development consisted of eight learner hours split up into 30 minute modules. The development not only included the creation of the content, development of the interactive modules, but also included the development of a custom built Learning Management System LMS) to house each module and to track user’s progress. With the LMS Designing Digitally, Inc. was able to develop SCORM 2004 coding that would interact with the LMS to set the users bookmarking and provide a total score.

The Results:

Axolotl is extremely pleased with the success of the web-based system simulation modules, as the development has allowed for reduced travel costs and increased customer satisfaction. As the software system is changed and updated, the modules are also updated  to reflect those changes which allows the client to provide their customers with the most up to date information.

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Axolotl Web-Based Training - Lesson Guide Screen
Axolotl Web-Based Training - Welcome to the eRX tutorial Screen
Axolotl Web-Based Training - Welcome to the eRX tutorial Screen
Axolotl Web-Based Training - Log out and complete review Screen
Axolotl Web-Based Training - The Summary Tab Screen
Axolotl Web-Based Training - The Summary Tab Screen