The challenge

CNH Industrial is a global leader in manufacturing agricultural and industrial equipment. Therefore, they must abide by strict emissions standards for engine production set by regulatory agencies. It is imperative for all employees to understand how emissions regulations impact their specific job role, as well as the entire company because manufacturers who violate standards must pay expensive fines and face public rebuke.

CNH came to Designing Digitally, Inc. to create an eLearning module that would be distributed to all employees as mandatory training. It would teach learners the importance of preventing emissions violations and provide an overview of how to ensure compliance. The content contained a lot of overwhelming information to present to learners. Designing Digitally, Inc. needed to find a way to organize the content so that it would make sense to all CNH employees, not just the engineers who have a thorough understanding of the emissions standards and engine design.

The Solution

Designing Digitally, Inc. built an eLearning module with multiple interactions to engage the learner in the training experience. We structured the content around the lifecycle of an engine manufactured by CNH. This allowed us to mold the emissions information around an idea with which the learners are already familiar. In addition, our instructional designers created color-coded graphs that show which job roles are involved in each phase. Learners can easily identify the content that is most relevant to them by looking for their job role’s color.

CNH shared examples of competing companies who had violated emissions standards for engine production. Designing Digitally, Inc. presented these case studies as breaking news stories inside the eLearning module. This compelling approach emphasized the public scrutiny CNH could undergo if they were to commit a violation.

Emissions Training eLearning
eLearning Training Emissions
Emissions eLearning Training
CNH Emissions Training
custom emissions elearning
eLearning custom emissions training

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