The challenge

Based in Casper, WY, The Wyoming Housing Network (WHN) is a Community Housing Development Organization that educates home buyers and homeowners, and works with partners to create and preserve affordable housing in Wyoming. With a mission to build self-reliant families and stable communities, WHN wanted to provide a free program to the community, teaching them money management skills in a fun and interactive way. While WHN already had an idea of what they wanted, they were still in need of a partner that could not only bring their idea to life, but also offer valuable suggestions and solutions to enhance their vision.

The Solution

Through the development of a custom website and learning management system (LMS), as well as an interactive and engaging eLearning course titled: Journey to Old Faithful, Designing Digitally, Inc. was able to create a one stop shop for visitors. By going through the course, users teach themselves financial literacy with the goal of self-reliability.

During and after the course, the Learning Management System (LMS) remains a valuable tool for users of the system. With tools such as a Household Budgeting tool and an Expense Tracker users are not only able to create a budget and track expenses in a separate location, but can also compare the two by month. This allows users to see if and how well they’ve met their budgeting goals. An additional tool is a debt calculator, which helps users determine how long it will take to pay off debt and how much it will ultimately cost them.

From an administrative side, organizations can register to use the site and can be tied to users within their organization through registration linking. Organization admins are able to view information about their own users, including course statistics (modules taken, completion dates, and post assessment results), survey questions and answers, and overall statistics about those users. The system also allows Wyoming Housing Network to see and manage both organization and user statistics and information.

WHS Custom Learning Management System - Main Screen
WHS Custom Learning Management System - Resources
WHS Custom Learning Management System - Curriculum
WHS Custom Learning Management System - Curriculum
WHS Custom Learning Management System - About
WHS Custom Learning Management System
WHS Custom Learning Management System - Pay Off Debt

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