The challenge

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a large technology company that aims to utilize the most innovative strategies and solutions, much like the products and services they offer. With the need to store a high volume of information for new and experienced employees to access, in addition to needing the ability to easily update information, HP was looking to develop a new and engaging space where training and product information could be stored and shared. They were also looking for a creative way to deliver training that would cater to the generational shifts within their workforce, and go a step above traditional eLearning to provide a truly unique learning experience. HP wanted a custom learning solution that employees would truly enjoy taking and also felt added value to their job roles. 

The Solution

With a project this large it was vital to take the necessary time for planning to make sure this would be done right and meet learner needs and expectations. With the learner demographic in mind, Designing Digitally and HP decided an online multiplayer game would be a great solution that would keep learners engaged and deliver training in an innovative way that learners would be familiar with. This would allow for a social aspect to be added and provide a platform with the ability to update the course with new material and would be scalable as interest and information expanded. 

Taking advantage of the creative freedom available, Designing Digitally and HP incorporated with a futuristic space station theme where new techs are sent out on an adventure and have to figure out why systems are unexpectedly failing. Hardware and software found in HP servers are represented as locations and non-player characters (NPC’s) in the game. As the learners explore the station they encounter problems that must be solved through mini-games that represent how an HP tech would assess and address an issue such as a puzzle game where players need to place electrical components in the correct locations to restore power and data encryption game.

In addition to the quest, the space station also has virtual meeting spaces and areas that share vital product information. Learners can explore 3D models of products as well as review specs and technical information of the items they interact with within their actual positions. Learners can also access additional resources, such as the 3PAR 3D repair simulator, and other projects that Designing Digitally has collaborated with HP on within HP’s large library of video material.

To ensure effective measurement data and to offer employees feedback, Designing Digitally also created a learner portal for this project. This provides learners with an access point to the game and allows them to see their progress, stats, and achievements without needing to enter the game. This also provides admin users with extensive information and analytical reporting about the learners. Admins are able to see statics such as individual and company-wide game progress, employee results, what interactions and games the learners are completing, and what resources they are accessing, all to ensure effective training is taking place and help identify company strengths and weaknesses. 

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