Maximize Training Potential With Web Based Training Simulations

Designing Digitally


One of the major problem facing most training developers is how to motivate participants in the program as well as how to maximize the retention of the skills and knowledge developed in the training. Traditional textbook type learning or combinations of lecture and homework assignments, which are more like a traditional education methodology, are immediately effective but the research on long term retention of the information isn't promising. The motivation factor with these types of workshops, seminars or mandatory training requirements is also low, leading to highly distracted individuals simply taking up a seat rather than engaged in actual skill development.

The motivation factor for virtual interactive learning experiences is far greater than that of traditional textbook or lecture types of trainings. Imagine if your employees could learn to be better at their job by logging online to work through 3D games, all custom designed for your specific needs. Not only would you be able to track their training time and progress online, but who wouldn't enjoy spending time in this type of web-based training environment?

The key to providing long term recall of knowledge is in actually developing training programs that allow the participants to experience training simulations that are as close to real life as possible. This means going beyond PowerPoint presentations, interactive group discussions and even role plays in the training. Simulation training is the perfect answer to this age old training problem. By working closely with an experienced eLearning developer, the training director or Human Resource manager can assist in virtual world development that allows the participant to actually experience, in training simulations on the computer, exactly what they will have to do in real life.

The more people have practiced and thought about how to handle a specific situation, the more effective they will be when they actually have to carry it out. Talking about what you will do is one thing, but being to work through mistakes and correct decisions in a very safe virtual environment is really the answer. Setting up elaborate mock-ups takes time and money while developing real, accurate, and very detailed training simulations that can be used time and time again are both time saving and very cost effective. The specifics of the training are all detailed to your needs, with the virtual training developer incorporating your role plays, game simulations and ideas for animation and learning into the program itself.

Combining the information with a fun, interactive and highly motivational game based simulation is the training method of the future. Cognitive learning is most effectively retained if the individual is fully engaged in the activity and gets to experience as close to the real situation as possible. With increased use of an interactive learning environment, skills become incorporated into daily performance and both effective and ineffective decisions can be tested and mastered prior to carrying them out in the real world.

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