Talent Development & Training Strategy White Papers

Talent Development & Training Strategy White Papers


Interested in learning more about some of the major trends, terminology, approaches, and best practices in the industry? Download our white papers now for insight on these topics and see how eLearning, mobile learning, serious games, and training simulations can all benefit your organization! These free resources also share Designing Digitally, Inc.’s perspective on the constantly-evolving field of learning and development. If you have any questions regarding a white paper or would like to schedule a time to speak with one of our Learning Solution Specialists about your training goals, contact us today!

Why Should Your Organization Convert To Online Training



There are countless reasons why so many organizations, from various industries all over the world, have made the transition from traditional training towards online training programs. However, this change can be challenging without having the right knowledge, or knowing...

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Gamification Reference Guide

Gamification - The Learning Manager Reference Guide



Gamification involves the use of game elements to engage a learner’s competitive nature in order to obtain a desired objective. It includes the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to encourage...

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Corporate Training Using 3D Serious Games and 3D White Paper

Corporate Training Using 3D Serious Games and 3D Training Simulations


Training has always been an essential aspect of any successful business operation, and always will be,but it has become increasingly clear that training philosophies and standards have not adequately evolved over time. Much like the standardized educational methodologies employed in public schools, corporate training...

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