The challenge

Wyndham Destinations is the world’s largest vacation ownership company, with over 4500 resorts and affiliated properties spread out worldwide. Wyndham Destinations expressed a need for Designing Digitally, Inc. (DDINC) to transform their compliance training that is being taught via instructor-led live sessions into 3 eLearning modules that could be easily disseminated to all their employees worldwide. 


A primary challenge of the project involved the subject matter. The present material covering the 3 compliance topics was heavy in legal terms, lacking the human connection needed to develop successful eLearning. Wyndham Destination's project champion expressed an interest that the course be redesigned with an increased level of engagement, using scenarios that rewarded learners who were already familiar with the topics and provided remedial training to those who made errors.

The Solution

DDINC developed 3 eLearning modules in Storyline 360 covering Anti-corruption, Privacy, and Code of Conduct. Each module covered content using a task-based approach, allowing learners to showcase what they know by completing realistic scenarios that mimic their daily work lives, encountering remedial training only in scenarios in which they make decisions that do not meet Wyndham Destinations Compliance standards. DDINC worked closely with Wyndham Destination’s project champion to weave the diversity and playfulness of Wyndham Destinations into the personas and scenarios in the modules.

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Checklist
Code of Conduct
Anti-Corrruption Items of Value
Information and Privacy Management

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