The challenge

 Designing Digitally, Inc. (DDINC) realizes cyber security is a growing concern for anyone who uses the internet. An organization’s entire IT infrastructure could be compromised if an employee releases their personal information into the wrong hands! DDINC wanted to create an off-the-shelf serious game to teach employees the importance of keeping their guard up against cyber security attacks. The biggest challenge is that most people think they are too smart to download a virus or fall for a scam, so they will tune out any kind of training their employer gives them on internet safety. 

The Solution

DDINC decided to create a serious game that drops the learner straight into a real-world situation. They must complete several tasks on their fictitious computer, such as checking in for an upcoming flight, within the next 5 minutes. They are continually interrupted by chat messages, emails, and video calls. A few of the items contain viruses or phishing scams, which are easy to overlook during the pressure of finding and completing your tasks. At the end of the game, the learner sees the real-world consequence if they fell victim to any of the cyber security attacks.

DDINC also created fast-paced, animated explainer videos that present common types of cyber security attacks to look out for. Learners can watch these videos after playing the game, once they are engaged in the training experience and realize they are indeed vulnerable to online scams.

Cyber Security Attachment
Cyber Security Badges
Cyber Security Chat Message
Cyber Security Email
Cyber Security Explainer Video
Cyber Security Glossary
Cyber Security Interactive Tutorial
Cyber Security Score Screen
Cyber Security Video Call

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