The challenge

CareSource is a leading healthcare program spanning 20 states. The healthcare industry is highly regulated, and there is a catalog of courses that all CareSource employees are required to take annually to meet standards. Compliance training is among this curriculum that keeps CareSource compliant with regulating agencies such as Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance companies. CareSource was looking to update its compliance training to be a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for its learners. CareSource hired Designing Digitally, Inc. to update their existing training with an interactive scenario-based course.

The Solution

Designing Digitally built an interactive scenario-based eLearning course in Storyline that provided learners with a unique way to absorb compliance standards. When the learner begins the course, they see a cross-section of a multi-level office building that serves as the course menu. The levels unlock one by one as the learner explores interactive elements and completes activities on each floor.

Learners engage in scenarios with the employees located on the various levels. When the learner chooses an employee, the employee begins a conversation related to compliance and the learner is presented with options to respond, such as follow-up questions and advice, that moves the conversation along. For example, one employee asks for advice on sharing CareSource information with someone outside of the company.

Using branching, this training gives learners the ability to make their own decisions during the scenarios and see the consequences. This provides an opportunity for the learner to make mistakes in a consequence-free environment and learn from those mistakes. If a learner chooses an incorrect response, the virtual trainer appears with guidance and the learner must retry the scenario until they are successful.

Once the learner successfully completes all scenarios with employees located on each floor, the next floor unlocks for the learner to continue upward through the building until they reach their ultimate goal of the Compliance Office located on the top floor. There are fifteen scenarios in total that align to CareSource‚Äôs compliance policies. To further drive authenticity, sixteen employees from CareSource served as narrators for the training - the virtual trainer and the fifteen employees within the scenarios.



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